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The Crypto-Invest Series: HODL & Earn

Read the article in full, we have partnered with BlockFi to bring you a special deal. One where you earn a FREE $10!


The term “HODL” has become very deeply engrained within the crypto-culture and many use this method with the assumption that one day their crypto-asset holdings will appreciate against fiat currencies.

We personally do not apply a “full HODL” in the sense that not all of our holdings are subjected to the market cycle. We have chosen a certain percentage only for that purpose and the rest are allocated to other strategies.

Optimise your “HODL”

Just because your entire stash of crypto of a portion of it is being stored for a long holding period, does not mean it should stay inactive. Trading may not be for everyone and is risky by nature.

For others who prefer a passive approach to the markets, mainly investors, there are ways to maximise rewards without taking on unnecessary risks. What if you could place your coins somewhere, leave them for a while, come back and see that they have multiplied?

Earning Interest

Funds and individuals sometimes require to borrow crypto-assets either to spend or margin trade. Other individuals have crypto-holdings that would like to earn interest and grow their stack; a perfect combination. There are multiple platforms which offer these services and we have tested the most reputable among them. The main problem seen across the vast majority of these is the lack of compound interest. After-all, his is the method Warren Buffett has used to become a billionaire.

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.” -Albert Einstein-

So we found it problematic when we saw most of these platforms not offering this crucial detail. Luckily, we came across one that did: BlockFi.

BlockFi Crypto

You can use their platform to custody your BTC, ETH, LTC and they will automatically give you an annual return on them. You can earn up to 6% APY on your Bitcoin stash.

Example: 1BTC deposited will yield a 0.06BTC return only a year later.

In the world of traditional finance, these returns are dreams yet to be attained by most mutual fund managers.

BlockFi Stablecoins

With most banks today offering close to nothing on savings accounts, it makes us wonder: are they aware that other businesses are offering significantly higher returns?

With BlockFi, you can deposit stablecoins (USDC, PAX, GUSD) and earn 8.6% APY! (current rates)

Cryptonary x BlockFi

We have partnered with their platform to not only invite you to use their platform which we have been using for a long time for our “HODL” stack but also to allow you to earn a FREE $10 when you deposit $100 into an interest account with them and keep it there for 30 days. All you have to do is sign up using this link.

Their signup process is very standard and simple, as well as the deposit/withdrawals. Both are the usual process seen everywhere in the crypto-industry.

Interest on XRP

XRP is not supported by BlockFi at the moment and hence an alternative to this is Celsius Network which you can sign up to here and start earning interest on your XRP holdings.

If you sign up with the link given, deposit $200 or more worth of crypto and keep them for 30 days, you’ll automatically get a FREE $10 sent to your account in Bitcoin!

Goodbye Lock-Up Periods

This is the best part about these products, you have full access to your holdings and can withdraw them whenever you wish unlike most traditional finance institutions.


Disclaimer: None of the information shared constitutes financial advice or recommendations in any shape or form. Any decisions made are entirely at your discretion and results are your complete responsibility.

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