My Trading Journey

Trading is a lonely journey, one of self-discovery and persistence. The reason I got into trading was to take full control of my finances, gone were the days where my net worth would be dictated by the market cycle.

The Start

When I started out I was fascinated by charts, watching price move from one place to the next got me thinking: there’s an unlimited amount of money to be made if I can predict this. This idea on its own got me hooked and took my ambition to unprecedented levels.

The problem was, where do I start, how do I learn? Of course, starting with Google I stumbled across so many sources of information, how do I know what works and what doesn’t? I felt like a lost child in the midst of a supermarket, scared and confused.

A failed experiment: Signals Groups … but there was a silver lining

For some reason, all beginner traders think they can get rich following someone else’s advice. This defies the concept of competitiveness and the fact that only 5-10% of traders become profitable while the rest get crushed.

I joined a group that was rather large and paid a substantial monthly amount for access; I will not name names for obvious reasons but will say their “signals” were quite bad and didn’t earn a penny.

There was a silver lining however: the chat room. The traders in that room had been in this space for a bit of time so they knew some principles. Were they any good themselves? Probably not, or else they wouldn’t be in a signals group.

Despite their lack of competitiveness, they threw some words here and there such as support/resistance, ascending channel, triangle, Fibonacci, etc.

I googled each and every one of these and looked across many different sources to check what these “weird” terms were. The more sources I checked, the more confidence I had in the information I was gathering. After all, they are not all gonna lie the same lie or be wrong on the same detail, so whatever matched was likely correct.

The Testing Phase

So now that I know what support and resistances are, what these patterns represent etc, I need to test them for myself. Spotting them at first was difficult and required effort; a price I was more than happy to pay.

I would spend hours, day and night just charting. Finishing a chart, deleting it and starting all over again. I spent so many hours that dry eyes became a normal thing for me.

After a few thousand hours, I had got somewhere. Suddenly key levels were easy to spot, discerning patterns became second nature and confluencing different sets of data became an automatic thing my mind processed without me having to force it.

The Result

Today, I pride myself with my analysis skills, I can look at any chart anywhere and have multiple possible scenarios, key levels and patterns all plotted in my head. I can even tell (to some degree) where the MAs I use most will be and whether there are divergences on the RSI or not without pulling it up.

This feeling of being this skilled after so much hard work gives me a lot of strength. No matter what happens in the outside world, no matter the circumstance, this skill stays with me no matter what.

This has allowed me to spot perfect entry and exit points, perfect patterns and has honestly generated a very fair amount of profits for me.

Giving Back

Knowing the pain I have gone through, mentally and physically; as well as the amount of money I paid in “tuition” to the market just to learn, I decided it is time to help lift others.

Pride was no longer enough, I needed to teach others all that I had learnt and save them a lot of the time I wish someone had helped me save. For this reason, I have spent a lot of time creating our latest online course: ‘Technicals 2.0’.

Do I regret my journey? Absolutely not. But I would have appreciated a slight time cut to this skill. Hence the decision of offering the help I hoped I had access to.

Creating structure out of a chaos of information was very rough. And all for less than £150?? That would have been a dream for me as I have paid much larger sums to the market in order to learn.

One thing I will tell you is the following: every loss in trading is the price you pay for a lesson. So why not pay a small amount upfront and save yourself some of the trouble? Click this link to access.

Disclaimer: None of the information shared constitutes financial advice or recommendations in any shape or form. Any decisions made are entirely at your discretion and results are your complete responsibility.

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