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Investing in NFTs

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have been the talk of the town for a good few weeks. A lot of people are getting in on the action, including the likes of Logan Paul. A month ago, a pixelated avatar, known as CryptoPunks, sold for 605 ETHs; today that is worth ~$1.2M.

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The main question everyone asks is: “How do I invest in NFTs?”

You could buy the pieces of digital art, but what if you end up buying something that’s worthless? Or even worse, what if you buy something that shoots up in value but the market is too illiquid for you to take profit?

The issues that NFT investors face are the same issues any art collector deals with and to win in this sector, it requires a special knowledge kit (same as Art investing).

Governance Tokens

Most people think you could for example buy the token “RARI” to gain exposure to NFTs.

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