GenesysGo NFT Giveaway

GenesysGo, a Solana RPC service provider, have succesfully launched and sold out their own NFT project called Shadowy Super Coders (SSC). The GenesysGo RPC network provides Solana developers with low-cost Dev/Mainnet RPC resources, which are essential for developers to be able to test their code and develop. They aim to have a DAO with the NFT sale serving as a capital raise. Their NFT launch is more a capital raise which was enabled by an airdrop of tokens to NFT holders, with the minting mechanism serving as a fair and equitable way of offering everyone access.

GenesysGo was the first ever guest on the Cryptonary podcast. Back in July they came onto the podcast, and members got to hear about their plans. We have collaborated with GenesysGo an have secured 1 Super Shadowy Coders for a giveaway which we will be giving away to our members.

Giveway Details

To participate, please review us on Trustpilot and Apple Podcast and submit the screenshots to the NFT giveaway channel in our discord. Winner will be selected on Monday the 15th of November. We will contact you to request your SPL address to send you your NFT!

Note: You can only access the “NFT Giveaway” channel in Discord if you are a Pro member – to join click here.

We highlight SSC and GenesyGo as utilising NFTs for an initial capital raise is a completely new concept. The goal is to create as even a playing field as possible. Prior to this, for the vast majority of projects the community didn’t have the opportunity to even try and participate in seed round token raises. As you all know seed rounds come attached with the lowest prices per token, offering a significant advantage to early investors.

Here however all interested parties have to use the same mechanism to gain access. The ethos behind this method is consistent with the values that we want to see from projects, promoting equal access to all participants, whether Venture Capital funds or individuals.

The project launched with a mint price of 2.5 SOL and a 10,000 supply and has succesfully sold out. Currently less than 10% of the supply is listed on marketplaces, with the floor price remainign steady at above 7 SOL. GensysGo have also kept their promise, that if they sold out they would provide free RPC Server Access for the entire Solana ecosystem. Holders will be receiving an airdrop of 10,000 GenGo tokens for every NFT they hold (date TBA). The token is expected to initially list for a price of 0.06 USDC. The reason GenesysGo has decided to airdrop tokens to NFT holders is to decentralize their cryptocurrency and make sure the community has a fair chance to own these tokens. Aside from the tokens that will be airdropped, they will also gain admittance to the Shadowy Super Coder DAO. As GenesysGo powers a lot of NFT marketplaces with their RPC servers, they are listed on multiple marketplaces such as exchgArt, DigitalEyes, SolSea, and MagicEden.

The SSC DAO will have several focuses. It will vote and manage things like token supply and resulting Tokenomics. The main goal of the DAO is to bring like-minded tech and non-tech people together to share ideas. Next to that, the DAO will decide on the future direction for additional projects that the SSC team will undertake. To read more about their roadmap, you can visit their website.

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