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Is male dominance of the crypto space changing?

The blockchain industry is evolving and its demographics are changing. Recent analysis has shown that the percentage of women in the crypto space has been gradually increasing.

The entrance of new female adapters is changing the statistics. According to the CTO of Casa, Jameson Lopp, the number of women giving a try on crypto has experienced a slight rise, saying that “their numbers now stand at an all-time high”. The graph shared by Lopp shows that female population currently represents around 10% of the entire crypto community.

Since the genesis of blockchain, the percentage of men involved in the crypto space has been far greater than women. In 2018, the Company Circle Survey released a report stating that “Twice as many men invest in cryptocurrencies as women”. Also, in 2017, eToro reported that only 8.5% of its users were women.

Women have helped to revolutionise hundreds of industries and have done it with flawless success and its fact that the blockchain sector won’t be the exception. Some of the most prominent and recognised women in this industry are:

  • Joyce Kim, Executive Director at Stellar
  • Perianne Boring, Founder of the Digital Chamber of Commerce (also named among CoinDesk’s “10 Most Influential People in Blockchain” list and “Top Woman in Bitcoin” list).
  • Amber Baldet, Executive Director of JP Morgan’s Blockchain Center of Excellence.
  • Jinglan Wang, Executive Director of Blockchain Educational Network and Blockchain Product Manager at NASDAQ.
  • Meltem Demirors, Development Director at the Digital Currency Group.
  • Arianna Simpson, Managing Partner at the VC cryptocurrency fund “Autonomous Partners”.
  • Elizabeth Stark, CEO of Lightning Labs.
  • Neha Narula, Director of the Digital Currency Initiative of the MIT.
  • Mona El Isa, Founder of Melonport.

    The reality is that if the world wishes to see cryptocurrencies evolving to a new level, both perspectives must be taken into account. Both females and males have a critical role to play in this business, but in order to increase the female engagement, top directors and influencers must enhance inclusion.

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