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Is it time to ‘watch’ Bitcoin?

World-renowned Swiss watchmaker, Franck Muller, surprised everyone with their new “ Encrypto ” collection. The collection consists of 26 different models with prices ranging from
$10,780 all the way to $55,880.

Each timepiece has a unique QR code representing its public address and comes alongside a
sealed USB carrying the private keys in a non-deterministic TRNGs (True Random Numbers
Generated) “Deep Cold Storage” set. This new line was made possible by a partnership
between Franck Muller and the investment company Regal Assets. The watches are currently
available for purchase online or in their Dubai Mall store. They can be bought by card, bank
transfer or Bitcoin.

Another luxury watchmaker, A. Favre & Fils, announced earlier this year that they will be
releasing a mechanical timepiece with a built-in cryptocurrency cold wallet. So far, it seems that
these are the only luxury watch brands that integrated a cold storage wallet into timepieces.

Other brands have created Bitcoin inspired watches. For example, Hublot created a timepiece
to commemorate Bitcoin’s 10th birthday and the fact that only 21 million bitcoins will ever exist.
The watch costs $25,000 and could be purchased with Bitcoins.

Bitcoin’s slowly growing adoption alongside its scarcity seems to be making it a sign of wealth in today’s society.

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