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How Guild helps you organize your DAO

08 Mar 2022 : 16:36
Updated : 12 Mar 2022 : 00:05
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  • Guild has recently come out of its alpha phase and hopes to simplify the management of DAOs
  • The project quickly attracted the attention of some well-known projects
  • In recent years, the number of DAO tooling projects has grown significantly

As DAOs become more popular and more people want to participate, it often becomes difficult to manage them. Guild, a platform that allows users to create private gated communities, hopes to make managing and joining a DAO easier.

Guild has recently come out of alpha

The project recently completed its public alpha phase and reported on February 14 that more than 10,000 people have already created or joined 600 guilds on the platform. Projects use Guild to set up a private Discord or Telegram group, depending on whether a user owns an NFT, ERC-20 token, POAP, or a combination of these assets. Tools like these enable DAOs to have constructive conversations and improve the management of their members.

What sets Guild apart from other token-gating tools is that it opens up many exciting possibilities. Users can create a guild that merges two communities. This way, two different DAOs can work together more efficiently. The project has also introduced cross-chain token gating that supports most EVM-compatible chains, such as Avalanche and Polygon, so that members of a guild can collaborate with other guilds from different ecosystems or allow members who own Ethereum and Polygon NFTs to participate in their DAO.

Notable DAOs recently started using Guild

Due to the unique features that the tool offers, it has quickly attracted the attention of some well-known projects. For example, Lens Protocol, a new social media project from the team at Aave, chose Guild because of the tool’s ability to quickly check if users can join their guild without having scalability issues. Other DAOs and protocols currently using Guild include Seed Club, RealmDao, Impossible Finance, Sismo, ecodao, and others.

‘ I would not have been able to have built the DAOs I have been working on without Guild’- says David Phelps, co-founder of ecodao and Joke DAO

Reka, one of the founders of Agora Space, the studio behind Guild, told Cryptonary that the project is currently working on making it easier for members to join a guild. Guild will do this by allowing members to insert a Uniswap, Opensea, Unlock Protocol, or POAP link. This year, the project’s primary goal is to build DAO tools with the best possible user experience, and anyone can contribute to their roadmap by looking at the tasks on their website.

What is a DAO?

A decentralized, autonomous organization, also known as DAO, operates transparently without central leadership, relying on cooperative management around a central mission. Many protocols use DAOs for proposal creation and execution, and another widespread use case of a DAO is crowdfunding, as we have seen with AssangeDAO and ConstitutionDAO.

Just as traditional companies use various software and infrastructure to run their businesses, DAOs now have tools to help them run a decentralized organization. In recent years, the number of DAO tooling projects has grown significantly, which has also led to many projects creating their own DAO as the barrier to entry has become lower. Rob Sarrow, a researcher at Delphi Digital, was able to identify 267 different tools in areas such as treasury management, compensation, governance, knowledge management, access, and many other areas where DAOs need tools to be successful.

Stan Colenbrander

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