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Has Trump’s tough stance on China helped Bitcoin surge?

There have been few circumstances in recent times where people have been glad that President Trump is in office. However, the cryptocurrency community may (unknowingly) be thankful for his current tough stance in the trade talks with China.

For those unaware of what has been happening, the United States and China have been in trade talks this past week, with Trump increasing the tariffs on China from 10% to 25%. This came as a surprise to many, as it was generally expected Trump’s threats to increase would not actually come to fruition.

China has since retaliated by threatening to sell some US Treasuries and the whole scenario is threatening to turn ugly. The Chinese Yuan has been in freefall as a result. with traders (understandably) having reduced faith it the native currency. Speculation has been rife that this sell-off has pumped volume out of the Yuan and stra

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