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GTA 6 might include a cryptocurrency: Here’s all you should know

26 Jun 2022 : 11:48
2 min read
  • Grand Theft Auto is reportedly introducing a crypto in its upcoming gameplay for GTA 6
  • GTA 4 and GTA 5 introduced the stock market in the game itself
  • Ubisoft recently receive community backlash for entering the NFT industry

The renowned action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto is reportedly introducing a cryptocurrency in its upcoming gameplay for the sixth installment of the game. Gamers have high hope for GTA 6 as the previous installment of the game broke all records. 

GTA 6 to include crypto? 

As per recent leaks by a prominent media firm, GTA 6 will include a play-to-earn feature, which means it will have an in-game cryptocurrency for players to earn while playing the game. If this is true, this might be one of the most significant projects in the gaming industry, including a cryptocurrency.  

The Rockstar-produced Grand Theft Auto Series is known for including emerging technologies. Even 20 years after its 2004 release, GTA San Andreas is still considered unique, futuristic, and a game that challenges many social issues. 

Interestingly, Rockstar introduced the stock market in Grand Theft Auto 4 in 2008, named The Liberty City Stock Exchange (LCSE). Interestingly, with GTA 5, the game publishers allowed gamers to take a gander at the in-game stock market and interact with plenty of stocks. 

Players could access BAWSAQ and LCN Exchange through the internet connection on their smartphone, and users could buy and sell stocks according to their will and have gameplay involving the stock market. Players wonder if GTA 6 will have similar gameplay. 

Ubisoft’s failed attempts

Recently, Ubisoft failed in its attempt to integrate NFTs in its game and thus, received a significant amount of community backlash. As a result, the game publisher had to roll back on its work and cancel its venture in the world of NFTs. It will be interesting to see if GTA 6 can pull this one off. 

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