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Grayscale’s Ethereum Trust grows by $200M+ in 30 days

  • Grayscale have attracted close to $210M into their Ethereum Trust (ETHE) in a month
  • The increased interest may be due to the launch of Ethereum 2.0
  • Grayscale's AUM has grown by $10 Billion since the start of this year

The Ethereum Trust

Launched exactly 3 years ago, ETHE (Ethereum Trust) has accumulated 2.5% of the entire ETH supply to date. The assets under management (AUM) for the trust have crossed the $1.7 Billion mark. Over the past 30 days alone, the ETH owned by the trust grew from 2,575,000 ETH to 2,940,000 ETH.


This growth of 365,000 ETH in 30 days alone means the trust attracted close to $210 Million in new capital, with over $80 Million added in the past week alone.

Ethereum’s Progress

Over the past few weeks, the very notable change in Ethereum is the launch of Phase 0 of the serenity upgrade (Ethereum 2.0). This is the most awaited upgrade and may very well be the reason behind this capital attraction. Grayscale can only accept investments from accredited investors which narrows down where the capital is flowing from.

Grayscale’s Growth

Grayscale’s growth spans across multiple investment products. Over the past year, their total asset under management have grown by over 400% or $10 Billion in notional terms.

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