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Grayscale now owns 2% of Ether’s supply

  • Grayscale holds over 450,000 BTC
  • They recently announced that they hold 2% of the ETH supply as well
  • Many publicly traded companies have been buying Bitcoin and the numbers are now available for everyone to see

Bitcoin Hoarding

Grayscale has been in the limelight for some time now because of their continuous and consistent hoarding of BTC. In fact, they now own over 2% of the entire Bitcoin supply, their holdings sit close to 450,000 BTC. Back in June, the headlines were “Grayscale is buying Bitcoin faster than it is being mined” and the price effect was noticed afterwards.

Bitcoin Treasuries

As more companies begun investing a portion of their capital into Bitcoin, a new website was created to keep track of their holdings: In total, up until now and purely based on publicly available information, 18 companies hold over 610,000 BTC.


The recent surge in DeFi, both prices and innovation, has brought it to the limelight. With ETH2.0 potentially on the horizon and layer 2 scaling in its testing phase, investors have been turning their heads to it.

Ether Hoarding

While most companies and institutions are solely focused on Bitcoin, Grayscale has been diversifying and getting into ETH (native asset of the Ethereum blockchain) on behalf of their clients. So much so, that they also own 2% of the ETH supply.

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