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Grant Cardone offers Satoshi Nakamoto $1m to speak at Las Vegas conference

The NY  Times Best Selling Author, Grant Cardone, officially announced that he has offered $1 Million to “Satoshi Nakamoto” to speak at the next 10X Conference. The popular annual business conference will be held in Las Vegas the 22nd and 23rd of February 2020 and will count with the presence of recognised millionaires.

Cardone is known for its eccentric personality and unexpected announcements on Social Media, and certainly, bringing the Bitcoin creator to the 10X stage, is the most outstanding surprise so far.  The news was published in a post on Grant Cardone’s Medium profile on June 25:

“I am happy to write a check to ”the real Satoshi Nakamoto” to speak at the 10X Growth Conference where 10X entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, and blockchain developers will gather.” —Grant Cardone

Past editions of the 10X Conference has gathered personalities such as Steve Harvey and John Maxwell. Topics such as passive income, productivity, entrepreneurs habits and business tips will be covered during the 2-days event.

Words are being spread quickly as many seats have been sold since the announcement. The event at Mandalay Bay will likely be full of crypto-enthusiastic eager to know the true face of Nakamoto.  The creator of the most popular digital currency “received a check” worth $1M only to show up in Las Vegas!

A couple of weeks ago, Cryptonary covered the mystery behind Satoshi. You haven’t read the article, we invite you to click this link.   The identity has been debated since months now, with the most popular and recent announcement made by John McAfee affirming that he will reveal the real name of the crypto celebrity very soon. Thus, Grant Cardone’s conference may finally end the party for the ones taking advantage of the mystery. All in all will be interesting to see further clues released by the 10X team in the next couple of months.

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