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Black Thursday has ravaged the cryptocurrency market. Some were not able to recover, others had a decent recovery and others went to all-time highs; this is one of them. Since Black Thursday, this asset has blown through the stratosphere with a 400% increase in the span of a few months. Is it fundamentally sound? And what does the future hold for it?


The project, originally known as “Monaco”, aims to accelerate the global transition to cryptocurrencies by overcoming access and usability obstacles faced by the public using a mobile wallet app.

The company, MCO Technology GmbH, are creating their own blockchain: Chain. They claim that it is highly scalable and fast and are aiming to engineer it in a way that would allow it to reach a processing power of 50,000 transactions per second and a confirmation time lower than 1 second.

Their objective for this particular network is to enable seamless,

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