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Ripple XRP

First crypto-bank now offers XRP to clients

Sygnum is the world’s first digital assets bank that is rooted in the financial hubs of Switzerland with a banking license and Singapore with an asset management license.

Ripple XRP

In addition to their already existing asset management products, Sygnum will now offer its clients the ability to further diversify their investments with the third-largest crypto-asset by market capitalisation: XRP. The latter, alongside Bitcoin and Ether represents over 80% of the current crypto-market and hence offers great exposure to the novel asset class.


Clients of the bank are able to buy, hold and trade XRP as well as transfer the token from outside wallet sources and custody them in Sygnum’s institutional grade wallets. Additionally, they are able to take a collateralized loan if they wish to access liquidity without selling their holdings.

Co-Founder’s word

Sygnum’s co-founder, Mathias Imbach, stated: “We have been impressed by Ripple’s significant traction globally – they now have more than 300 financial institutions on their global payments network, RippleNet”…“The company’s XRP-based solutions address the pain points of the fast growing USD 700 billion global remittance market, and the low cost associated with transfers makes it ideal for facilitating payments in emerging economies”.


Only private qualified investors with over 500,000CHF can access their services; which range from custody, brokerage, tokenisation, asset management, lending and B2B banking. They can onboard the following fiat currencies to gain exposure: CHF, USD, EUR and SGD.

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