Facebook’s Libra gets a makeover

Following the fundamental redesigns announced to fit it to different countries’ regulations, a new branding change has been made.

Introducing “Novi”

A few days ago, the social media giant Facebook made another step on their virtual path to financially connecting their world. Their previous concept of a digital payment’s wallet ‘Calibra’ was renamed and rebranded as Novi. In the official announcement, the company stressed that despite the change in visual appearance, the underlying vision of the Libra cryptocurrency project and its siblings remains the same.

‘Novi’ roughly translates to “new way” in Latin. It’s no coincidence that their inspiration came from the language of the Roman Empire who themselves empowered and financed much of the trading in Europe, Asia and Africa in their era.

Wallet Features & Applications

Libra is headquartered in the centre of the world in Geneva, Switzerland. After the public criticism and industry backlash that their project received from the US – amongst others – in June 2019, this alteration will allow them to evolve as a customer brand and continue forward with the realm of regulations.

The peer-to-peer system, Novi can provide users access to finance without barriers to entry and high costs like traditional banking. “With Novi, sending money will be as easy as sending a message.” Over 2.5 billion people already have a Facebook account which means that each one of these users will have direct access to a faster, more affordable payments system once Libra goes live in the months to come. In that moment, Facebook’s trending influence will begin to transition from creating social friendships to financial inclusion.


Novi will be accessible from application stores as a stand-alone app for those who don’t have a Facebook account, as well as be integrated into the company owned platforms Messenger and WhatsApp. Banking is now almost seen as a human right by the West, but worldwide 1.7 billion people are currently unbanked. With a smartphone and internet access, users will be able to transact money like never before using Novi.

Libra have always suggested that their blockchain-based wallet will support traditional currencies such as EUR, USD, GBP on the Novi platform. This will be the initial strategy; however, they have mentioned the inclusion of secondary currencies, as well as their own Libra coin in the months following launch which is set for late 2020.

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