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Ethereum co-founder quits crypto over safety concerns

  • Ethereum co-founder, Anthony Di Iorio, announced he wants to leave the crypto industry
  • The reason he wants to exit the space is concerns about his own safety
  • Di Lorio is currently involved in a company called Project Arrow

Ethereum co-founder, Anthony Di Iorio, has announced his intention to leave the crypto industry, expressing concerns about his safety.

Di Iori will not accept cryptocurrency when selling his company

Di Iorio, 48, has had a security team since 2017, with someone traveling with him or meeting him wherever he goes. In the coming weeks, he plans to sell Decentral, and focus on philanthropy and other ventures unrelated to crypto. He will only accept either cash or equity in another company for settlement and will not consider offerings in cryptocurrency

The entrepreneur also stressed that he does not want to invest in blockchain startups in the future.

Not the first founder to leave Ethereum 

Of the eight co-founders of Ethereum, only Vitalik Buterin is still actively working on the blockchain platform.
Charles Hoskinson and Gavin Wood have launched rival blockchains known as Cardano and Polkadot. Mihai Alisie and Joeseph Lubin founded companies focused on Ethereum applications and development, launching AKASHA Project and ConsenSys.

According to Bloomberg, Di Iorio is currently involved in a company called Project Arrow, which his high school friend runs. The project is trying to build a zero-emissions vehicle.
Di Iorio is also advising a senator from Paraguay, but he did not reveal details about it.

Di Iorio’s statements come after the tweets from Dogecoin co-inventor Jackson Palmer, criticizing the crypto industry and saying he has no plans to return to the nascent space.

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