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Ethereum client OpenEthereum stuck following Berlin hardfork

  • OpenEthereum was stuck on a block following the Berlin upgrade
  • This affected Etherscan, which in turn affected several crypto services like Coinbase
  • Ethereum is migrating to the proof of stake protocol to solve its core network issues

Popular Ethereum client OpenEthereum was stuck on one block following the Berlin hard fork on the blockchain earlier today.

OpenEthereum affected by the Berlin upgrade

The Ethereum network underwent a hardfork earlier today after the Berlin upgrade was implemented. However, it affected popular Ethereum clients, OpenEthereum, as they were stuck on one block for hours.

Following the Berlin upgrade earlier today, the client was stuck on a block. According to multiple user reports on Github, the client OpenEthereum was stuck on block 12,244,294, which was just 294 blocks after the Berlin fork was executed. The error message shows that the client was rejecting the new blocks. This is because the client thought that its state Merkle root was invalid.

The issues with the OpenEthereum client resulted in an outage on Etherscan. Etherscan stated that “The OpenEthereum team and core developers are aware of the syncing issues facing the OE [OpenEthereum] client and are working to diagnose and fix.”

As a result of Etherscan’s outage, several crypto platforms such as Coinbase and Ledger were affected. OpenEthereum later revealed that it had identified and fixed the issue.

Following the Etherscan issue, Coinbase released a statement saying it has disabled ETH & ERC-20 withdrawals while they investigate a potential issue with the recent network upgrade. Receives will also be delayed.

Meanwhile, Ledger stated that Ether balance in the Ledger Live app might not update because of the Berlin upgrade issue, and new transactions won’t be shown. However, with OpenEthereum resolving the issue, services on the affected platforms can return back to normal.

Ethereum slowly migrating to Proof of Stake

The Berlin upgrade is part of the Ethereum blockchain’s ultimate goal to migrate to a proof of stake protocol from its current proof of work. The migration is expected to solve many of Ethereum’s problems, such as scalability and high gas fees.

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