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Estonia hosts the Bitcoin whitepaper on an official government domain

  • Estonia uploads the Bitcoin whitepaper on its official government website.
  • It says it is the first country to host the Bitcoin white paper on a government domain.
  • Estonia is a tech-focused country that attracts digital nomads.

Estonia uploaded the Bitcoin whitepaper on its official website. According to the website, this is the first time that a government domain has done so.

The country is preserving the whitepaper for future innovators.

Estonia and the Bitcoin whitepaper

We are happy to preserve the original Bitcoin whitepaper here on our website as a source of inspiration for future innovators looking to understand how to use blockchain technology in support of facilitating cross-border business and other applications,” says Estonia.

Estonia is a tech-focused country and has utilized a blockchain technology called Keyless Signature Infrastructure to maintain the integrity of government data and systems since 2008, the same year that the bitcoin whitepaper was published online.

Since then, the use of blockchain technology has increased tremendously as private companies and some governments have set aside budgets to research the emerging technology.

Estonia has a program called e-Residency launched in December 2014. It gives non-Estonians access to the country’s services such as banking, company formation, and taxation among others. 

They have become a nation for digital nomads and its embrace of blockchain technology could help attract new crypto startups.

What may have happened?

Former Coinbase CTO Balaji Srinivasan went on Twitter to call for a government domain to host the whitepaper.

“What will be the first government domain to host the Bitcoin whitepaper,” he asked on Twitter. He tagged Francis Suarez, the pro-bitcoin Mayor of Miami, Sten Tamkivi in Estonia, and a few others from Israel, Wyoming, and Texas.

Stan Tamkivi responded with a link to the web page where Estonia explains why it uploaded the whitepaper.

Jehudi Castro, an advisor to the President of Colombia posted a link using the government website that redirects to the bitcoin white paper.

Will the government not be forced to remove the whitepaper?

Steven Craig Wright, a businessman and computer scientist recently asked and Bitcoin Core to remove the Bitcoin whitepaper from their websites because he owns it.

Bitcore Core took down the whitepaper while said that “it will not be bullied” by Wright. He claims without proof that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the unknown creator of Bitcoin and the author of its whitepaper.

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