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Escobar descendants claim to know Satoshi

The search to reveal the Bitcoin’s creator identity remains alive and well as new information surfaces from an unexpected source.

Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym that has been used by the creator(s) of Bitcoin, their identity remains unknown and subject to loads of controversy within the cryptocurrency space.

Many have claimed to be “the person behind the mask”, with the most outspoken one being Craig Wright. The latter tried very hard to “prove” that this was the truth but unfortunately was knocked down by forgery and perjury in court and called a liar by a 2009 Bitcoin miner.

The Escobars

Olof Gustafsson is the CEO of Escobar Inc, a company tied to Pablo Escobar’s descendants. The man has claimed to have known the real Satoshi Nakamoto and his real name is ‘Yasutaka Nakamoto’ whom used to be involved in Pablo’s drug operation. Yasutaka is claimed to have been a senior Pacific West Airlines engineer which allegedly gave him a window of opportunity for smuggling.

Is it true? Does it matter?

Whether this information is true or not can really not be verified unless that claimed Satoshi uses his private keys to sign the genesis block. His anonymity may actually help maintain Bitcoin as the decentralised and idealistic cryptocurrency which it is. Revealing his identity may backfire on Bitcoin investors.

Earlier this year when a few thought Satoshi had moved some of his coins, the market took a hit. The less we know seems to be better, truly in this case ignorance may be bliss.

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