Disaster Girl original photo sold as an NFT for $500k

  • The Disaster Girl meme was sold as an NFT for $500k
  • Zoe Ruth will use the proceeds to settle student loans and contribute to charity
  • NFTs are becoming popular in the art and digital content world

Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are becoming so popular that artists and content creators are converting their original work to digital versions. The Disaster Girl meme was popular a few years ago, and the owner has sold the original photo as an NFT for $500,000.

Zoë Roth sells Disaster Girl NFT for $500,000

Zoë Roth, the woman who appeared in the 2005 Disaster Girl meme, has sold the original photo of the meme for $500,000. The image is of Zoe as a four-year-old smirking in front of a burning house.

The picture was taken by her father in 2005 and has been a sensational internet meme since then. Zoe announced earlier today that she has sold the original photo for $500,000. She intends to use the funds to settle her student loans. In addition, she added that some of the money would be going to charity.

Zoe, who is now 21 years old and a university student, sold the original image via Ben Lashes. Lashes has become popular as an NFT entrepreneur, selling numerous works including Keyboard Cat, Doge, Nyan Cat, Grumpy Cat, Success Kid and David After Dentist.

She stated that “The internet is big. Whether you’re having a good experience or a bad experience, you kind of just have to make the most of it. Nobody who is a meme tried to do that, it just ended up that way. Is it luck? Is it fate? I have no idea. But I will take it.”

Zoe’s NFT was acquired by 3F Music, a Dubai-based music studio. 3F Music is already a popular name in the NFT space. It has purchased other works such as the Overly Attached Girlfriend for $411,000, and The New York Times’ meta NFT-column for $560,000.

3F Music told the New York Times last month that the team is always working with highly knowledgeable and experienced art advisers who believe the company must grow with the technological trends. This will help them promote their business while supporting artists and the art market.

NFT mania continues to grow

The NFT market has witnessed immense growth in the past few months. It has attracted artists, media companies, publications, sports teams, and celebrities. NFTs are sold on marketplaces or auctioned off for hundreds to millions of dollars.

In fact, the Beeple NFT remains the most expensive after it was sold for roughly $70 million. That said, the NFT market could expand over the coming months as more people take interest.

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