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Dash CEO unveils five strategies to aid global adoption

Over the weekend, DASH CEO Ryan Taylor unveiled the latest strategies that DASH board will be applying to help aid global adoption. The five strategies exposed have been described by DASH’s CEO as “meticulous” in order to improve the positioning of its cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency trading is the first area tackled by the Directive Board. The team will ensure that all major exchanges allow the use of Dash as a major form of payment, as well as facilitate the transaction process, making faster and simple.

The second strategy focuses on society directly. Dash has created strong communities in countries where inflation is extremely high, such as Venezuela. The team has ensured to sell the vision by developing local experiments. In Latin American countries such as Venezuela, citizens have been using Dash since 2018 to buy goods and services, thus, replacing its local currency “Bolivares Fuertes” for Dash. The digital currency has also served as a method of payment for Venezuelan merchants. Regarding this point, Taylor emphasised that:

“International remittances are something that cryptocurrency solves very well and with instant send, we think we can provide a much better user experience.”

The fourth area of focus was the increase of activities in chargeback industry, while the fifth and last strategy was surprisingly tackling the cannabis industry.  The Dash network has established several partnerships with dispensaries that are now using Dash as a bridge to facilitate transactions. Dash’s CEO addressed this with the following statement:

“This industry has a really high incidence of fraudulent activities. So the use of Dash takes away what is traditionally done with credit cards and these companies pay 6% processing fees because of high-end incidents of chargebacks and Dash solves that problem for the consumer too.”

Image c/o Dash

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