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  • 4Continents

Adam Saddique

Executive Director

Adam focuses on marketing, education, and operations. With a background in e-commerce and traditional finance, he Read Morewas ‘orange-pilled’ into Bitcoin and then the rest of crypto. He studied various subjects, including economics and biology, but now learns largely through reading and doing. Adam’s primary focus is onboarding new members, improving Cryptonary’s existing product and developing new products.

Karim Abuzeineh


Co-Founder of Cryptonary, Karim entered the crypto industry in 2017. He went through the ups and downs of the market Read Moreand dedicated himself to increasing his skillset and knowledge in both Fundamental & Technical Analysis through the bear cycle. He is bullish.

Asad Saddique

Head of Web

An entrepreneur at heart since his teenage years, building multiple e-commerce businesses Read Moreand trading the DAX. He then moved away from the TradFi world and went down the crypto rabbit hole. Asad, is currently heading Web and also part of the co-founding team.

Eugene Duff


Eugene is a self-described crypto degenerate with a degree in Electronic & Electrical Engineering. Read MoreHe began his investing career in 2015 finding value in the LSE AIM (small and mid-cap stocks), specifically mining companies. Active in the crypto space since 2017, he finally pulled the trigger and went all-in around the end of 2020. His focus is primarily on cross-chain communications, interoperability, and AMMs.

Stan Colenbrander


Stan is the head of news and podcast host at Cryptonary. He was formerly a member of the Cryptonary Pro community. Read MoreIn early 2021, he dropped out of university to pursue journalism in real life and make an impact in the crypto space. His areas of interest include the NFT industry, decentralised finance, and crypto start-ups.

Nicola Rainsford


After graduating in 2019 with a degree in English and History, Nicola became a freelance writer. An interest in marketing Read Moreled her to Cryptonary in early 2021. She believes in making crypto education accessible to everyone.

Jomari Bolaton


Joms is a Multimedia Arts Designer based in the Philippines. He’s received awards globally for Art & Design and has Read Morerepresented South East Asia. In 2021, he stepped up his game by translating his crypto knowledge and Multimedia skills into the creation of a new learning experience. His mantra is to have a global impact and change lives.

Ajay Rana


Ajay works mainly with PHP and JavaScript libraries as a senior in website development. Previous projects and work Read Moreexperience include the development of over 50+ websites, some of which have become the benchmark standard. With extensive coding and UX/UI skills, AJ is comfortable with any level of challenge.

Noman Ijaz

Product Designer

Noman started as a frontend developer and eventually moved to product design, but now does a mix of everything from Read Moredesigning interfaces to illustrating and icon designing. When not absorbed in designing, he’s likely sketching, walking nature trails, or reading about human psychology.

Michael Marquez

Head Of Customer Success

Michael is an unyielding executioner, passionate about growing company brands, improving customer service Read Moreexperience, and managing organization projects and processes. He has strong people skills, which makes him an approachable and cooperative leader. Michael's degree in Business Management & Minor in Psychology reinforces his passion for communication. He considers himself a great listener and knows how to adapt his communication style to different audiences, a product of being able to speak 4 languages. He works daily toward Cryptonary's core goal of onboarding and educating people on the latest Crypto/Blockchain Technology, building long-lasting relationships based on trust and, most importantly, creating a culture that puts the customer at the centre of everything.

Craig Cole

Customer Success

Craig discovered crypto back in 2018, and immediately witnessed the pain a bear market can bring. Realising that Read Morevery few of the assets being shilled by his friends performed well (and still haven’t to this day), he decided to focus intently on expanding his own knowledge on both technical & fundamental analysis.

Sebastien Nave

Customer Success

Sebastien holds two Master degrees, one in Physics, the other in Innovation Management. He worked many years in Read Morevarious industries like the Oil&Gas or the Yachting. He loves to help people to achieve their goals. Hence, he helped several friends in their entrepreneurship journeys and cofounded two projects. He discovered Crypto in 2017 and entered near the peak of the bull-run. Obviously, he (nearly) lost it all. After the Covid crash, he invested in the stock market with success. One morning, he read about the Bitcoin halving and decided to get back into Crypto. Convinced that education and knowledge are keys to success, he joined Cryptonary as a member in January 2021. As he was sharing good vibes and was helping the members in the discord, he was offered to join the team to support the community.