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CoinMarketCap releases new crypto exchange liquidity metric

CoinMarketCap have released their liquidity metric ranking- a measure developed to overcome fake trading vole from crypto exchanges. While the standard ranking that CMC use is based on market capitalisation, the new metric uses available liquidity. The main reason behind this new release is to counter inaccurate data often provided by some exchanges which present inflated data.

CMC’s Chief Strategy Officer Carylyne Chan earlier explained:

Today, we are introducing a new metric to highlight what matters most to investors and traders: liquidity. With our Liquidity metric, we hope to provide public good to the crypto markets by encouraging the provision of liquidity instead of the inflation of volumes.”

The main issue that was being presented and reflected on the order books, was an act known as “wash trading”. This is essentially when the exchange inserts fake buy/sell orders which they consequently fill by themselves, inflating volumes – falsely.

When people are inflating their volumes, they are basically inserting orders into the order book, so they buy and sell to themselves. What we are trying to do here is to counter that.

From the launch of the tool. Binance (unsurprisingly) sits in the number 1 spot, with HitBTC, Huobi, OKEx and Bitfinex making up the top 5. This release will be welcomed by the crypto community, while it is my no means a revolutionary reference point – it increases transparency within a space that has had a history of  “scams” and distrust.


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