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Coinify and Argent partnership increases crypto accessibility

The user experience and security of cryptocurrency is evolving fast. Argent has built the first non-custodial wallet to offer the ease of use and protection of the best new bank apps. You can lock it, approve large transfers and set a daily transaction limit. Now, thanks to its partnership with Coinify, the barriers to entry in crypto have reduced further. Enabled by Coinify, Argent’s users in Europe will be able to purchase Ethereum with SEPA bank transfers and credit/debit cards through their mobile wallet, both on Android and iOS.

Argent and Coinify share a vision of making the decentralised web accessible to everyone. Coinify is an established global virtual currency platform that bridges the gap between cryptocurrency and the fiat economy. Argent’s wallet is built on smart contracts to provide a radically new proposition to traditional wallets. It was recently awarded the title of Europe’s Hottest Blockchain Startup at the 2019 Europas.

“This is yet another great example of Coinify’s Wallet Trading Solution delivering a seamless local currency-to-virtual currency trading implementation” said Mark Højgaard, co-founder and CEO of Coinify. Continuing on that: “Coinify is pleased to be part of Argent’s quest to advance the crypto industry forward by providing a completely seamless and very accessible user experience”.

Argent’s CEO and co-Founder, Itamar Lesuisse, said: “We founded Argent to make crypto simpler and safer. This partnership will further help people to take their first steps in the space. It provides an alternative to centralised incumbents and will empower users as they explore a fairer web and more open financial system”.


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