Coinbase Pro adds support for Avalanche (AVAX)

  • Avalanche (AVAX) is now available on the Coinbase Pro trading platform
  • Trading of the coin starts on September 30 once enough liquidity is met
  • Coinbase has added numerous cryptocurrencies on its platforms this year

Coinbase has increased the speed at which it lists cryptocurrencies on its platforms.

Coinbase Pro lists AVAX

Leading crypto exchange Coinbase has revealed that the Avalanche coin (AVAX) is now available for its Pro users. The crypto exchange has improved its process of listing coins on its trading platforms since the start of the year.

Coinbase announced this latest development via a blog post yesterday, stating that the trading will commence on September 30 once liquidity is met. The crypto exchange said,

Starting today, Wednesday, September 29, transfer AVAX into your Coinbase Pro account ahead of trading… Trading will begin on or after 9 AM Pacific Time (PT) Thursday, September 30, if liquidity conditions are met.

Coinbase warned users that at the moment, Coinbase Pro only supports C-Chain Avalanche (AVAX) tokens. C-chain Avalanche addresses start with ‘0x’. Thus, sending AVAX on P-chain or X-chain or any other assets to a Coinbase Pro wallet will result in permanent loss.

Avalanche has become one of the leading programmable smart contracts platforms for decentralized applications. It is competing with the likes of Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Tezos and more.

At the moment, AVAX is not available on or via the Consumer mobile apps. The crypto exchange said it would make a separate announcement if and when this support is added.

Coinbase has listed numerous coins so far this year

Last year, Coinbase said it intends to fast-track the process of listing cryptocurrencies on its trading platforms. The exchange has kept its word and listed a wide range of coins so far this year.

Coinbase said it had added support for numerous coins in recent months, including; Adventure Gold (AGLD), Braintrust (BTRST), Rari Governance Token (RGT), Axie Infinity (AXS), XYO Network (XYO), DerivaDAO (DDX), (YFII), Paxos Standard (PAX) and Polymath Network (POLY), Clover Finance (CLV), Mask Network (MASK), Radicle (RAD) and several others.

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