Coinbase going public?

IPO Rumour

Word has been spreading that Coinbase, one of the top crypto-exchanges, is looking to go public. The plan of going public seems likely to take this year or early 2021. Before any of that is confirmed, the United States’ Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) must approve it.

Financial Watchdog Approval

The SEC has been very critical of cryptocurrencies as a whole, 2018 was filled with Bitcoin ETF rejections for example. Telegram had to drop the entire TON Network project due to regulatory challenges. If the SEC approves of Coinbase going public, it would be a significant step forward for the industry.

Does Coinbase have a chance at obtaining this approval? Probably.

They’ve been very cautious to work within the lines of regulations and adapting to new regulations. However, they have been scrutinized by the crypto-community for privacy concerns as they had plans to sell user data to two government agencies.


If the IPO were to take place, it is speculated that Coinbase’s valuation would cross the $8 Billion mark as that was the valuation they last raised capital at. The exchange has over 35 million users worldwide and has one of the friendliest user experiences for novel ‘investors’. With that being said, their exchange fees tend to be higher than other exchanges.

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