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“City-as-a-service” is Moscow’s most ambitious goal

Paul Goldberger used to say “Urbanism works when it creates a journey as desirable as the destination”.

Moscow is certainly planning the journey, as Goldberger’s quote says. The Russian capital is seeking several contractors to create an ETH based system for the whole city, with the vision of being a smart city. The blockchain system has also been described as a channel to build a more efficient city’s administrative services. Moscow is looking to join the likes of Dubai in creating one of the worlds first and foremost “smart city”.

Russian tech giants such as Kaspersky and Rostec are some of the companies supporting the ambitious project of transforming Moscow in a City-as-a-service. Qualcomm, the American multinational semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company, is also helping with the version by partnering with the Moscow’s Department for Information Technologies to launch Europe’s first 5G mmWave Network.

The official auction to build the Ethereum-based system that will host the services in the Metropolis is starting this week.

Image licensed via Pexels

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