Chainlink overcomes first large-scale attack

  • Spam data request attack on Chainlink was overcome
  • To remain operational, nodes had to pay excessive gas fees
  • Cost to remain operational: $335,000

Spam Requests

Chainlink, the decentralised oracle network, simplifies communication by providing data from off-chain sources to on-chain ones. Its continuous activity is required for a functional decentralized ecosystem. Data requests are normal of course as this is Chainlink’s job, but excessive data requests are spam and looking to bring down a network.


The attack explained above is exactly what multiple Chainlink nodes experienced. Given the fact that DeFi has been very hot and the Ethereum network fees rocketing through space, Chainlink nodes had to pay even more expensive fees just to remain operational and answer the legit requests. This cost the nodes 700ETH ($335,000 at the time of attack) in order to fulfill their role despite the attack.

Decentralised Finance

This sort of attack is not too far off from a DDoS attack where an attempt to overload a server is taken. The fact that Chainlink was able to overcome it is bullish for the ecosystem and further development of DeFi.

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