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BSV pumps 100% in 24 hours as Craig Wright “proves” he is Satoshi

30 May 2019 : 12:55
Updated : 04 Jun 2019 : 12:42
2 min read

Craig Wright’s mission to prove he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto does not seem to be dying. Multiple stories from sites acting as Chinese media outlets claimed that Wright had proof of transactions from Satoshi’s original BTC wallet addresses. The report also stated that Binance re-listed BSV, resulting in a huge surge in price.

BSV hit as high as $250 earlier today, having been trading around $120 on Tuesday this week. At the time of writing, it had settled at $210-220 region, but a further decline may well be on the cards. This classic example of a FOMO pump is not a rarity within crypto, however, their occurrences have certainly decreased in recent times.

Craig Wright seems adamant to prove to the crypto space. and the rest of the world, that he is the original Satoshi. To say the likeliness of this ever being proved true are slim would be an understatement. If he was. surely he would have been able to prove so by now. Moreover, the argument that Satoshi is, in fact, a group or organisation, and not an individual is a theory that seems to be gaining more steam. Whatever the underlying truth is, one thing is certain, this won’t be the last we hear of this saga.

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