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British fintech firm Revolut pays for a WeWork membership in Bitcoin

  • Revolut has paid for office space in Dallas using Bitcoin
  • Revolut is the first enterprise to pay WeWork in Bitcoin
  • Cryptocurrency adoption has been growing over the past few years

WeWork launched the Bitcoin payment option earlier this year, and Revolut has become the first enterprise to use it.

Revolut pays for a US office space with BTC

British fintech firm Revolut has paid for new office space in the United States with Bitcoin. The office space is the company’s largest so far and is located in Dallas, Texas. According to Revolut, the move is to underscore the company’s commitment to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

WeWork, in a blog post published yesterday, said, “Revolut will also be WeWork’s first enterprise member to sign new space using cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin, as it establishes its largest office yet in the US.”

Revolut is popular within the UK and beyond for offering customers the ability to buy, hold, and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash from the Revolut app with the tap of a button. The company said it intends to add more tokens to the app over the coming months and years.

“Striving to make cryptocurrency more accessible for everyone, Revolut offers fee-free crypto limits, enabling U.S. customers to trade cryptocurrency up to this limit, without any fees,” the fintech company added.

Revolut remains one of the leading fintech firms in the UK. It is valued at over $30 billion and has offices in Berlin, Dallas, Dublin, Melbourne, Moscow, Singapore and New York.

Bitcoin adoption is on the rise

The news highlights the growing adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment options for customers in various parts of the world. WeWork started accepting BTC as a payment option from its clients earlier this year.

However, Revolut became the first enterprise to use this payment option. WeWork is expecting more companies to adopt the BTC payment option.

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