Boxer Floyd Mayweather to launch his NFTs this month

  • Floyd Mayweather will launch his NFT collection on May 26
  • The collection will contain artwork, animation and rare memorabilia
  • The NFT collection is a celebration of his life and career

Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have become popular in the sporting world in recent months. Several athletes have launched their NFT collections, and boxing icon Floyd Mayweather is set to join this later this month.

Mayweather to launch his NFT collection later this month

Famous boxer Floyd Mayweather is set to launch his NFT collection later this month. The boxer partnered with three NFT firms, IronBend, Reality Gaming Group, and Zytara Labs, to launch the project.

According to the press release earlier today, the NFT will be released on May 26, ahead of Mayweather’s fight with Logan Paul on June 6. “Floyd Mayweather Jr., in conjunction with IronBend, a provider of turnkey digital NFT solutions for prominent personalities, has teamed up with Reality Gaming Group, a publisher of mobile games and blockchain-based digital entertainment, and Zytara Labs, the NFT production company and studio, to release exclusive NFT collector’s items ahead of his highly anticipated exhibition bout with YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul,” the press release added.

The NFT release is set to feature a limited-edition digital collection celebrating the boxer’s career and life. The collection will include animations, art pieces, and rare memorabilia from his personal keepsakes. Each NFT in this collection will be secured and protected by blockchain technology, ensuring the authenticity of the items and allowing easy verification of ownership.

Floyd Mayweather stated that the NFT collection represents his struggles to become the iconic boxer he is today. “I started from nothing and beat all the odds to achieve what I did in my career, and I think that’s the American dream. I don’t look at myself as a celebrity – I look at myself as an l icon, one who made it. My name will always live on for the things that I did and the mark that I left in sports. These digital collectibles give everyone a chance to be part of the Mayweather Legacy,” he added.

NFTs continue to make wave in the sporting world

NFTs have become popular in various sectors of the global economy. In the sporting world, several top athletes and teams have entered the NFT market. Last month, a Tom Brady rookie card was sold for $1.68 million in Litecoin. The legendary NFL star is also expected to launch an NFT platform soon.

Dan Sobol, the co-founder and CEO of IronBend, said his team is excited to work in creating Floyd’s timeless digital collectibles as they seek to memorialize the legend of the iconic athlete.

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