Blockchain-based CyberVein partner with Chinese Government on ‘Aerospace City’

  • Construction has begun on an aerospace smart city in the Hainan province of Southern China.
  • According to reports, the purpose of the development covers three areas – publicity, innovation and demonstrations.
  • The Singapore-based blockchain company Cybervein have been appointed to develop the Smart Brain Planning and Design Institute.

Aerospace is recognised as one of three future industries in China and one of 10 key sectors in their Made in China 2025 initiative.

This strategic blueprint reverses the countries well-embedded low-tech manufacturing philosophy which ignited an industrial revolution, in favour of tech development and production in high-value industries – AI, Robotics, IOT being some of more well-documented.

For this reason, they have spent the last few years making major investments in the aerospace industry, most notability in Wenchang, Hainan.

Construction began last month on the Hainan Wenchang International Aerospace City which claims the status as the first initiative of its kind in coastal regions across China. Once complete, this smart-city will become China’s main operational location for aerospace and satellite missions.

Previously, operating as a launch centre, the site achieved great results.

After a successful third launch attempt of the Long March 5 rocket in December 2019, the mission was repeated on the 23rd July 2020 carrying the Tianwen-1 Mars probe to conduct various experiments and verifications.

Once complete, the smart city will make up a part of the Hainan Free Trade Port which has made plans to invest in the development of 12-key sectors including aerospace technology, blockchain, agriculture and healthcare amongst others.

CyberVein Involvement

CyberVein will work on the Smart Brain Planning and Design Institute with mobile communications giant Huawei and other leading firms. The Smart Brain project will work on a “data-driven governance system” using blockchain technology to “organize urban public resources.”

At this time, the specifics on how blockchain will be utilised are publicly unknown.

CyberVein have also recently announced a partnership agreement with the cloud-computing side of Chinese software giant Kingsoft Group. According to the companies post, they will cooperate on “big data management, artificial intelligence, cloud computing platform and other innovative fields, and contribute to the cultivation of high-end and efficient smart economy.”

With Kingsoft Cloud’s ecological and IOT solutions coupled with CyberVein’s focus on big data and blockchain technology, this collaboration opens up the potential of an “industry transformation and upgrading” to a thriving digital ecosystem for Hainan Wenchang International Aerospace City.

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