Exchanges raises $10 billion for a new crypto exchange subsidiary

  • raises $10 billion to launch a new crypto exchange
  • The investment round was led by Peter Thiel, Alan Howard, Galaxy Digital and a few others
  • Bullish exchange will offer excellent liquidity and other unique features

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the gateways to the crypto space because they allow people to buy and sell digital currencies. has now raised $10 billion from investors such as Peter Thiel to launch a new cryptocurrency exchange. to launch a new cryptocurrency exchange called Bullish

Blockchain software company and developers of EOSIO,, has revealed that its latest funding round raised $10 billion. The firm will use the funds to launch a new cryptocurrency exchange called Bullish.

In a press release earlier today, said, “Operating as an independent entity under the parent company, Bullish Global is focused on the 2021 planned release of Bullish, a new blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange designed to combine the performance, user privacy, and compliance offered by central order book technology with the vertically integrated user benefits of decentralized finance (DeFi) market architecture.”

The Bullish cryptocurrency exchange is expected to provide traders and investors with new automated market making, lending, and portfolio management tools. The exchange will use EOSIO and the EOS Public Blockchain to improve its transactions.

In fact, the new exchange will offer cryptographic validation using approved algorithms. It will also provide a provable, and immutable audit path for transaction processing on the platform. Undoubtedly, this will help ensure a strong level of trust in the platform.

The team claims to be the first to introduce this level of integrity and use an externally verifiable, high-performance trading and asset management platform.

Peter Thiel and Alan Howard invest in Bullish exchange is the primary investor in the Bullish exchange. In fact, the company is inserting $100 million, 164,000 BTC, and 20 million EOS into the project. The $10 billion was recently raised from popular investors such as PayPal’s Peter Thiel and Alan Howard.

Other investors in the project include Louis Bacon, Galaxy Digital, Richard Li, Christian Angermayer, and global investment bank Nomura. As a result, investors Christian Angermayer, Peter Thiel, Alan Howard, and Richard Li will become senior advisors to the new cryptocurrency exchange.

CEO Brendan Blumer commented that “The Bullish exchange will leverage blockchain technology and a new market architecture to revolutionize the high-performance trading landscape by transparently automating expensive third-party functions and turning them into yield-generating portfolio management tools to offer institutions and individuals better and safer access to the latest cryptocurrency investment strategies.”

Peter Thiel said the crypto exchange has a strong balance sheet. Its vertical integration model eliminates the need for outside entities. As well, it provides stability and liquidity to the digital currency market. Investors Howard and Louis Bacon also expressed their excitement at joining the Bullish crypto exchange team.

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