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Bitcoin sets new all-time high above $66k as October rally continues

20 Oct 2021 : 15:19
2 min read
  • Bitcoin has reached a new all-time high above $66,200 earlier today
  • The previous all-time high was above $64k, and it was achieved in April 2021
  • Bitcoin’s price has been up by more than 30% since the start of the month

The leading cryptocurrency has set a new all-time high again as its rally continues.

BTC tops the $66k level to set a new all-time high

Bitcoin has been performing excellently since the start of the month. The leading cryptocurrency went through a bearish period in the second and third quarters of the year. However, it has now embarked on another bullish run and has set a new all-time high.

Bitcoin surpassed the $66,000 mark a few minutes ago, reaching the $66,200 level following a 6% surge in its price over the past few hours. This is the first time Bitcoin has set a new all-time high in months after topping the $64k level in April this year.


Some market analysts and participants expect Bitcoin to reach $100k before the end of the year. To do so, Bitcoin would have to rise by more than 50% from its current trading price.

ProShares Bitcoin futures ETF set a record opening day trading volume

Bitcoin reaching a new all-time high coincided with the launch and excellent performance of the ProShar


BTC/USD chart

es Bitcoin futures ETF. Cryptonary reported yesterday that the Bitcoin futures ETF traded $280 million in its first 20 minutes after getting listed. The fund went on to reach nearly $1 billion in opening day trading volume, setting a record in the process.

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