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Bitcoin hashflag on Twitter

Twitter just added a hashflag for Bitcoin as announced in Jack Dorsey’s tweet. A hashflag is an image that appears after a hashtag that is enable by Twitter for “specific occasions or event”, often called Twitter emojis.

However, creating a hashflag is not free but rather expensive, as they represent a better route for monetisation than hashtags. In fact, when Pepsi and Budweiser wanted to create their own branded hashflag for the Super-Bowl, they had to pay $1 million.

Hashflag’s are clearly a method to create cash-flow for Twitter but the Bitcoin one was completely free. That may be because of Jack Dorsey, as the co-founder is rather passionate about cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general. His involvement in cryptocurrencies goes beyond Twitter. Another company of his, Square, added a new department for cryptocurrencies specifically and was recently awarded a patent for a payment network.

The arrival of Bitcoin’s hashflag was warmly welcomed by the crypto-Twitter community as influencers shared the news to spread the word out as much as possible. These include ChangPeng Zhao, Anthony Pompliano, Justin Sun as well as the top exchange, Binance’s twitter account.

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