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Bitcoin Cash will be available in the newest version of Brave’s browser

The open-source and privacy-centred platform, BRAVE, will be adding Bitcoin Cash in user wallets in the upcoming v0.68 update of the browser.  The project has recently earned popularity due to its effective shields to block website trackers, unwanted adverts and malware.

One of the key features that make Brave so attractive is its reward system, which pays publishers according to their content.  During the past few weeks, Brave users were requesting BCH allowance and availability in their wallets and now their wishes have become true.

Brendan Eich, Chief Executive of Brave browser, tweeted on the 22nd the following:

The announcement was made after some users were massively requesting to use the BTC Cash as a funding method inside the browser. BCH is currently raking 5th by market capitalisation and has more than $2.06 Billion trading volume each day. During the weekend, BCH spiked over 20% thanks to the announcements. On Saturday, the price increased from $430 to $516, retracing slightly during Sunday (-9%). Currently, BCH is trading at $470.89 (-2.15%) and BAT at $0.32(-1.10%).

After all, is evident that Brave’s team is putting a lot of effort in satisfying its users. The startup based in San Francisco expects to launch the 0.68 version really soon, and will keep adding more features to get the attention of crypto-enthusiasts.

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