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Bitcoin bull likens Elon Musk to Satoshi Nakamoto

29 May 2019 : 13:52
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Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and co-founder of Tesla, admired by the masses and highly regarded as one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time, has been compared to Satoshi Nakamoto by known Bitcoin bull Tim Draper. In a recent interview with Bloomberg. he stated that both Musk and Satoshi are “extraordinary people who have created amazing things for our world”.

The Tesla co-founder had previously got into some trouble with the SEC, after previously Tweeting information that may have influenced it’s share price. Draper believes that the SEC, deliberately “go after the tallest trees”, and that pioneers such as Musk and Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos are prime targets due to their high public profiles.

Both Tim Draper and Elon Musk, unsuprisingly are huge advocates of crpytocurrency, and have publicily declared their bullish sentiments on the space on various occasions. Just like Bitcoin, Musk represents a fresh, new approach to innovation. This is why he is revered by millions around the world, no doubt an audience that sees cryptocurrency in the same light.

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