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Binance to offer Futures trading from September

28 Aug 2019 : 12:08
2 min read

Futures trading continues to grab the headlines this year, with many international exchanges looking to offer the financial product. CME, Bitmex and the CBOE are already at the head of the race, but Binance has shown once again that it is still the king.

Yesterday, CZ announced the launch of futures trading for September. During the Asia Blockchain Summit in Taiwan, Binance’s CEO confirmed that the team is already working on those products, alongside with its newest stable coin: Venus. It seems like a good week for CZ as Binance’s Lending service was also officially released this week.

“Futures is coming very very soon… definitely sometime in September” was the exact phrase said by Changpeng Zhao during the conference. The decision of making a future trading platform came after the huge demand for crypto derivatives in the market, which is being more and more requested every day.

Binance’s newest trading pits may add more liquidity into the crypto market as it is currently the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Also, its community is expecting fees to be relatively low compared with the services provided by Bitmex, BaseFex, CoinFLex, Etoro, CME or the CBOE. Those companies are usually charging between 0.5% and 0.25% per contract and putting heavy entry barriers.

All in all, the crypto community is cherishing yet another CZ announcement, and everyone is sure that the exchange will deliver the vision.

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Michela Silvestri

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