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Binance purchases top Indian exchange WazirX

With the continued uncertainty regarding cryptocurrencies in India, Binance’s latest acquisition will come as good news for investors based in the subcontinent. The have bought WazirX – India’s “most trusted Bitcoin exchange”, they announced earlier today.

The official statement from WazirX read “Our team is joining forces with Binance to be a part of their greater mission to spread freedom of money. Together, with Binance’s strength, and our unique auto-matching P2P engine, we’ll solve the Fiat <> Crypto problem for the masses, and drive the next phase of cryptocurrency adoption.” 

This will be a big sign of optimism for all involved. With Binance, currently the worlds biggest crypto exchange, WazirX have taken a huge step in making sure that they will be involved significantly in ensuring that the next stage of crypto mass adoption “will arise from developing nations around the world.” India is seen as one of the most upcoming economies, with a young and enthusiastic demographic who are eager to become more and more involved in crypto.

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