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Binance launches new “X” platform to aid developers

Another day, another new Binance initiative. Today, the ever-growing platform has announced the launch of “Binance X“, described as:

a new initiative to foster innovation on the Binance platform and blockchain ecosystem at large”.

Binance have shown that they are not just another cryptocurrency exchange. They have an array of products and initiatives that is only growing. The current list includes the Exchange, Launchpad, Academy and Research – with “X” being the newest addition. With Lending and Futures being released very soon, Binance are always looking to expand their developer-facing prodcucts, to aid innovation and growth.

In the announcement, Binance describe themselves, rightly so, as  “rapidly evolving” into becoming “a platform that third-party developers can build and leverage for their own products and services.”

The decentralised natured approach and appeal is what Binance are looking to focus on, and with “X”, they look to have yet another strong product to add to their already-strong platform of options.

Image c/o Binance

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