Binance discontinues NOK trading pairs and payment options

  • Binance ends NOK trading pairs and payment options on its platform
  • The crypto exchange has also removed the Norwegian language support on its website
  • Binance has been making numerous operational changes in recent weeks

Binance has undergone a wide range of changes over the past few weeks, and more could be expected to follow.

Binance removes Norwegian Krone trading pairs and payment options

Leading crypto exchange Binance announced earlier today that it had removed NOK trading pairs and payment options from its platforms with immediate effect. The exchange is also ending support for the Norwegian language on its website.

The cryptocurrency exchange said it is making these changes to ensure it complies with the regulatory requirements in the country. Binance said, “Our aim is to create a sustainable ecosystem around blockchain technology and digital assets. Binance welcomes developments to our industry’s regulatory framework as they pose opportunities for the market players to have greater collaboration with the regulators. We are committed to working constructively in policy-making that seeks to benefit every user.”

Binance ended support for Korean Won earlier this month

This latest development comes just two weeks after Binance announced that it is ending its support for the Korean Won payment options and trading pairs on its platform. At the time, Binance said it had discontinued the KRW trading pairs, KRW payment options, P2P merchant applications and Korean language website support.

The cryptocurrency exchange has also made other changes, such as discontinuing derivative trading services in Hong Kong, Europe, and Australia. Binance also suspended its futures services in Brazil. These moves are targeted at making Binance more regulatory compliant.

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