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Binance app finally returns to the App Store

Many Binance users had been voicing their frustrations over the disappearance from Binance’s native app from apple’s App Store. It was previously taken down months prior as apple requested a revalidation process. Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao commented earlier that the relisting process was probably more difficult that a new coin aiming to be listed on Binance:


Whilst using the website via a mobile browser is not the most difficult process, it certainly is no match for a native app. The initial response from users has been very positive with the convenience and accessibility of the platform being available once again via a mobile app.

With apple giving the green light to Binance’s app being relisted on the App Store, it not only is seen as a significant win for Binance, but it illustrates apple’s acceptance of crypto platforms, as long as they fit in with their guidelines. Should there be a significant crypto bull run in the near future, Binance’s app may well be one of the most popular apps in the entire store.

Image licensed via Shutterstock

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