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Binance announces Futures A and B platforms

The crypto Futures market is gaining pace, at a significant rate. Bakkt have announced the testing of their physically settled Bitcoin Futures is almost complete, and the service will officially go live on Sept 23rd. Now Binance have joined in the race, with the announcement of two new testnet platforms – named Futures A and Futures B.

Users will be invited to test out both platforms, and vote for their favourite. With “A total of 10,000 BNB  given away to users who participate in testing both Futures Testnet Platforms.” there is a huge incentive for participation. There are two aspects to the testnet voting – the first involves voting for either the A or B platform, with the second being a trading competition. Traders are allocated 100,000 UDST in simulated funds, and the winners will be allocated their BNB tokens as the price once the testing period elapses.

What is clear is that the Futures space is really just beginning, with names such as Bakkt and Binance being at the forefront, it is surely just a matter of time before they are joined by additional names. This is surely more bullish news for Bitcoin and the entire space.

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