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Binance and Ripple partnership talk starts to gain momentum

In early February this year, CZ declared live on Periscope that “we’ll definitely want to add them as a partner” when asked about Ripple. This came with a massively positive reaction from both members of the XRP and the Binance community, noting that it would undoubtedly be a mutually beneficial partnership for both parties if it was ever to go ahead.

While there has been no significant further news regarding a potential partnership, since February, there have now been some unconfirmed reports that a partnership is indeed, on the cards. With Ripple’s well-known secrecy and utter professionalism regarding any discussions until an official announcement, it would not come as a surprise if they were to announce a partnership out of the blue.

Binance is looking to enter the global payments sector, and CZ has been complimentary of Ripple’s settlement products, and especially xRapid. With xRapid sourcing, the XRP token for on-demand liquidity access, holders of the digital asset will want to keep their eyes particularly peeled to this story.

With the BNB token reaching new highs, and Binance’s v2.0 launched, which includes margin trading, the platform continues to go from strength to strength. A partnership with Ripple is highly likely to become a mutually beneficial relationship, and this may well be reflected in the price of both BNB and XRP.

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