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Binance and Brave partner to mainstream crypto-trading

Brave is a privacy-focused browser developed by the company behind the “Basic Attention Token”  BAT. It gives the freedom of choice to users as to whether or not they would like to block cumbersome advertisements and incentivises people  through “Brave Rewards” to keep them on.

Binance and Brave drew a partnership agreement that would bring a Binance trading widget to the front-end of the browser which won’t be a loaded iframe and here preserves the privacy of users. Both Binance and Binance US will be available, opening the doors to wide range of new customers.

Cryptocurrency trading can be a daunting task for users not familiar with such assets, so integrating Binance into the Brave browser makes the process seamless and simple,” said Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave. “By bringing a leading exchange like Binance directly into the browser, Brave is taking cryptocurrency trading mainstream and enabling users to conduct transactions with ease”.

Source: Brave

This image of the upcoming interface was shared by Brave. This will allow users from around the world to have easy and straight-forward access to cryptocurrency trading. Including deposit, withdrawal and trading of Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, Litecoin and many others.

Image Brave

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