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Basic Attention Token tipping now available on Twitter and Reddit

08 Aug 2019 : 11:53
2 min read

The fundamental developments continue to come from the Brave team. With arguably the most anticipated update for the Brave browser recently announced, enabling users to withdraw their earnt BAT tokens, the positive news continues. Users can now “tip” content creators on both Twitter and Reddit in BAT tokens, both creators and tippers need to be signed up to Brave Rewards and using the browser.

Posts and comments in additional to general content can be tipped in BAT tokens from users to creators. The service was announced in early July, but there was no date given for release. This now seems to have begun and users are praising its integration and availability. It can seen as a positive for credible content creators who continuously have their work rewarded in a public manner. Having such a system also arguably has futher incentive for creators and users in general to improve the level of their content and user contribution.

BAT is a project that appeals highly to many investors, due to the nature of the project. With such scrutiny on user data online currently, the sheer fact that it is delivering on its white paper, with continuous, positive and working updates makes it a firm Altcoin favourite to many.

Image c/o Brave

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