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About Author

Eugene Duff

Crypto degenerate with a degree in Electronic & Electrical Engineering. Started off in 2015 value investing in the LSE AIM (small and mid-cap stocks), specifically mining companies. Moved fully into crypto in 2020; however, I have been active in the space since 2017. Focusing on cross-chain communications and interoperability, with a keen eye for fundamentals and value-accruing tokenomics.

Articles by Eugene Duff

5X – The Journey

The Journey is a voyage Cryptonary is onboarding to capitalise on a specific sector’s hype. The projected timeline of our investments in this space will...

Earning Interest on 30X

Back in late January 2021, we invested in a token we projected would bring a 30X increase in price over an 18-months timeline. Here we...

On-Chain Forensics – Volume 12

On-Chain Forensics focuses on on-chain movements happening on the Bitcoin & Ethereum networks, amongst different classes of market participants to breakdown their behaviour and where...