Auction for LeBron James’s NFTs to begin on May 6

  • The House of Kibaa to auction three LeBron James NFTs
  • The auctions would commence on May 6 and last until May 20
  • The legendary NFTs represent some unique dates for the late Kobe Bryant

Nonfungible token (NFT) mania is sweeping through the sports and entertainment world as more companies and celebrities join the sector. Legendary basketball player LeBron James is the latest to launch his NFT collection, and the auction will begin in a few days.

LeBron NFTs to go on sale on May 6

NFT studio House of Kibaa has revealed that it will hold an auction to sell three NFTs by LeBron James. The auction will be conducted in partnership with Heritage Auctions. In addition, the event will span for two weeks starting on May 6.

The NFT studio, in its announcement, said, “House of Kibaa has teamed up with Heritage Auctions to tender our elite collection of LeBron James Legendary NFTs. This trio of NBA Top Shot digital moments carries special meaning as a complete collector’s bundle. Do not miss your chance on this highly desired, extraordinary collection, immortalizing the iconic legends and friends, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.”

The company further explained that the proceeds would go into the development of their Virtual Reality NFTs. Thus, participants will have the opportunity to buy three LeBron James NFTs. The first NFT is from a dunk on November 15, 2019. The second one is also a dunk from the NBA Finals on October 11, 2020. As well, the third one is of another dunk on February 6, 2020.

The selected dunks all hold a special place in basketball history, House of Kibaa said. The blog post wrote, “All three NBA Top Shot moments have a serial number which holds a great significance to the late Los Angeles Lakers star, Kobe Bryant. The connections between these NFTs is something House of Kibaa heavily sought after when joining NBA Top Shot back in its early adopter stage.”

NFTs gaining popularity

Nonfungible tokens have become popular in recent months. NFTs represent a unique and exciting way to hold the value of art pieces, collectibles, and more. This has prompted several sports stars, celebrities, and musicians to launch their own NFT collections.

The industry has also attracted several media companies, including TIME magazine and Forbes. The unique proposition of NFTs could convince more companies and artists to join the market in the coming months.

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