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Apple Pay Vice President confirms interest in cryptocurrency

A question that has never been clearly defined or understood is apple’s attitude to cryptocurrency. In some sense, no news on this front would have to be considered good news. Apple have never openly distanced themselves from any association to digital assets, not openly welcomed them. With Samsung well ahead of apple in terms of crypto adoption with their blockchain store and wallets, it is surely just a matter of time before their biggest rivals join the party.

In an interesting development from Apple’s standing, vice president of Apple Pay, Jennifer Bailey commented that “We’re watching cryptocurrency,” – perhaps the biggest indication that there will be some form of crypto adoption in the not too distant future. Considering that Bailey did not brush off the subject, must be considered good news for all concerned.

Although Apple have had an inconsistent history with cryptocurrencies until now, with the removal of various crypto wallets in the past, things look to be changing. As the entire space matures and general awareness increases Apple may well be timing their full adoption to perfection. With the recent resinstallment of Binance’s trading app into the App Store, we could be seeing crypto payments via Apple Pay in the not too distant future.

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