NFTs: Weird, Wonderful & Worth a Lot

Over the last year, digital art and collectibles have sold for millions of dollars apiece. But it’s still early and there are countless opportunities available for you.

To help you get started, our experts have created a comprehensive NFT course that will teach you everything you need to know about the NFT space.

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Introduction To Nfts

Welcome To The Weird & Wonderful World Of Nfts!

What Are Nfts?

In This Lesson, We’ll Discuss The Vision Of Nfts And Why We Think They’re The Future Of Art And Finance.

Token Standards

Learn About The Standards That Enable Nfts To Accrue Their Value.

Historical Nfts

To Understand Nfts And Their Vision, It’s Important To Look At The Nft Projects That Have Made The Nft Space What It Is Today.

Understanding Generative Nfts

Develop A Deeper Understanding Of Generative Nfts And Their Importance.

Pfp Collections Leveraging Community

Find Out What Pfp Nfts Are And Why They’re Important.

Nft Projects & Use Cases

Take A Detailed Look At Particular Nft Projects And Their Individual Use Cases.


Understand What Nft Marketplaces Are, & Discover Marketplaces And How To Use Them.

Mining Strategies

Find Out How To Mint An Nft And Learn About The Habits You Should Adopt If You’re Interacting With The Space.

Security & Safeguarding

Learn About The Security Measures You Can Take To Both Optimise Your Chances Of Acquiring An Nft Via Minting And Limit Your Risk.

Quantitative Approach

Find Out How To Decipher And Navigate The Space By Adopting A Quantitative Approach.

Qualitative Approach

Learn How To Adopt The Qualitative Approach And Decipher Nft Projects Based On Factors Such As Historical Significance, Nft Artists, And Release Time.

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Diamond Hands NFT

Average homo sapiens elevated to diamond-hands status

Discover your own digital rarity Diamond Hands is a collection of 10,000 generative NFTs. Each artwork is original, with its own colour palette and unique elements and attributes.

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